I provide one to one coaching, interactive workshops and consultancy services to both individuals and businesses, This may be across a range of disciplines to give you and your business practical skills, tools and techniques to enhance your wellbeing and resilience and reduce stress. 
It may be you or others need to find your voice for your own empowerment and personal growth as well to benefit your organisation, so vital in the current climate of financial constraints and change. 
What is included in the resilience and wellbeing workshops? 
This is a bespoke programme of a length appropriate for the client. This may vary from 3 hours to many days, depending on what is best suited to the individual, their team or organisation.  
Here are some examples of what content might be included - all training is interactive: 
Physical wellbeing 
How to:  
use the body to improve psychological state 
enhance physical activity without the need for extra time 
improve sleep quality and energy through improved gut health 
Emotional wellbeing 
How to:  
develop a sense of control, balance and productivity  
cultivate an increased awareness of emotions 
improve communication with others  
develop positive habits to improve emotional awareness 
be aware of and change self talk and calm inner chatter  
reframe situations that have proved challenging 
create a vision and purpose  
Completion and analysis of a resilience questionnaire 
How to detect stress in others and support them. 
A collection of resources and where to go for help 
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