Who am I? 
With over 25 years as a health professional and educator in the National Health Service, British Armed Forces and overseas, I have a wide clinical, management, leadership, research, teaching and operational portfolio in UK and abroad in public, private and corporate sector. I have led multi-national and multi-functional teams in UK and abroad in a variety of contexts, organisations and cultures. I have presented at numerous international conferences as well as published my research widely in medical journals and books.  
I love to learn, my extensive training and experience have given me an extensive toolbox of skills, tools and techniques to share with you and so support you to make enduing change to ensure you have a fulfilling and purposeful life. These include teaching, coaching and neuro-linguistic programming. 
The wealth of knowledge that I have gained through my own comprehensive research, training, teaching in Higher Education Institutions and working in the most challenging of environments means that I have experienced first-hand the challenges that so many of us face day to day. These have included leading teams in conflict war zones such as the Middle East, Balkans, Afghanistan, Pakistan as well as an unexpected avalanche in Nepal and a political coup. I have had to overcome many personal challenges throughout by working life.  
All these experiences have only made me more determined to support others, to give them a voice and be an advocate for those who need emotional support to release their potential. It is such a privilege to witness the transformation in others as they realise that they have all the resources with them to unleash the power within themselves. 
My clients 
I have supported individuals, teams and international organisations all over the world including the Pakistan Armed Forces, Royal Jordanian Armed Forces, Indian Army, New Look, Tarmac UK, Siemens, International Committee of Military Medicine, University of Birmingham, Housing4Women 
My qualifications? 
I am a nurse and a midwife with a PhD in psychological wellbeing, Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, Master of Education (Distinction), BSc. (1st class), Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (only under 800 worldwide at time of award). I hold a certificate of Professional Coaching Skills with International Coach Federation (ICF) accreditation and Transactional Analysis (TA 101/202). I am a practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) accredited with The American Board of NLP (ABNLP), As a member of the ICF and ABNLP, I fully embrace and so adhere to their stringent Core Competencies and Code of Ethics. 
What is coaching? 
Coaching focuses on looking forward and not back to enhance personal growth and development. The coach is in partnership with the client. By asking focused questions the coach enables the client to explore the issues that have been holding the client back from moving forward to his or her goals. This creates clarity to enable the client to initiate personal change through identifying the resources within themselves to develop personal learning and development. The client drives the agenda, while the coach keeps the conversation focused and on track. This is done by listening, gentle challenging questioning, encouraging and supporting and enabling the client to reflect so that they can develop the clarity to create an appropriate action plan. 
What is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)? 
This is how to use the mind’’s own language to consistently achieve specific and desired outcomes. It provides a strategy through using a range of tools and techniques in order to achieve the desired goal every time rather than leaving it to chance. This can help clients improve relationships and achieve successful negotiation and even to increase sales. 
In order to achieve this a NLP practitioner processes and gathers information through: 
Neuro: Through gathering information from life around us using our 5 senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste). 
Linguistic: Communication through language related to our internal representations. 
Programming: Running programmes, patterns and strategies within our neurology to achieve our specific and desired outcomes through altering/ creating new behaviours. 
This involves an attitude of curiosity, experimentation and acting as if a positive outcome is guaranteed through modelling of others’ behaviour who have achieved the successful outcomes that the individual desires. 
How does coaching differ from mentoring, counselling and other therapies? 
This is different from coaching as the mentor is a source of wisdom, guidance, teaching, and supports and advises on specific actions or behavioral changes in daily work. The mentor is normally senior to the mentee unlike coaching in which there is an equal partnership. 
Psychological Therapy 
This is a clinical treatment for mental and emotional problems such as stress, anxiety and depression. It commonly involves a therapist offering to support the client in a trusting, therapeutic relationship. The client works hard in the treatment and often looks to the therapist for planning, guidance and reassurance.  
This is looking back not forward to help the client to reframe or change their view on an event, series of events situation. or an emotion experienced in the past in order to change from an undesired state (such as feeling a stressed victim) to a desired one (such as an empowered adult). 
The Consultant is an expert in his or her field, he or she will often take the lead offering diagnosis, advice and a plan. 
This is teaching a student something, usually a skill. Training utilises demonstrations, practicing taught skills and evaluation by the trainer. 
Lizzy recently delivered a superb presentation to 40 small business owners at Santander Corporation Street as part of our Breakthrough in Branch evening. Her expertise on resilience and well being, as well as an ability to explain complex concepts simply made the session fun and very interesting. Her background and experience is exceptional which provides her that knowledge to support individuals. I would recommend Lizzy as someone who could add a lot of value to you and your business. 
Michael Deputy Regional Director - Santander UK, West Midlands Jul 19 
I was lucky to meet Lizzy initially through a client meeting. During our discussion I was inspired by her background and her passion for resilience and wellbeing. Lizzy recently delivered a fantastic and engaging presentation on resilience and wellbeing at our first breakthrough in branch event in-front of 40 businesses. Her knowledge and expertise in the sector would add great value to you and your business. 
Tauheed Business Relationship Manager Santander UK Jul 19 
Lizzy came highly recommended as someone who could run one of our skillsbootcamp sessions. I found her to be collaborative, creative and extremely easy to work with. Given her vast experience, knowledge and qualifications many would think she would be too academic to deliver practical, engaging sessions, in fact the opposite was true. She has this great ability to draw her audience in and adapt her style to ensure that every person gains useful insights and tools. She has a supportive, pragmatic and well-grounded approach which combined with her desire to empower others means she gets results. She is a fantastic storyteller and has you engrossed within minutes which bring alive the messages she wishes to convey. Her style and knowledge would suit a myriad of topics and audiences from the customer facing to board level. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lizzy as a coach, facilitator and keynote speaker and will be using her again for my company. 
Mary - Vision & culture alignment specialist Jan 19 
As CEO of Women Acting In Today’s Society, a Charity that supports women suffering domestic abuse we are not funded by government. This means it is hard to access specialist training for our clients to help them move from crisis to recovery. We found a gem in Lizzy who on the 18 July 19 delivered a resilience and wellbeing workshop for our clients who have suffered Domestic Abuse. Lizzy had a great impact on the women who attended the workshop with feedback such as ‘Amazing – enlightening, love it, learnt from it clear and understandable, the delivery of the presentation was on top form, flowed great and easily understood, hungry for more please, inspiring and thought provoking, I was meant to come today, universe sent me, thank you, very clear and easy to talk too’. I find Lizzy to be an inspiring facilitator, with extensive knowledge this area, who met the diverse needs of our clients who come from all walks of life. The workshop was a great success, I would not hesitate to invite Lizzy to come into WAITS and deliver more workshops to our clients in the future. 
Marcia - CEO Women Acting In Today’s Society Jul 19 
Our attendees at the Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce Hereford Women’s Business Forum were really engaged by Lizzy’s talk on enhancing resilience and effective tools for stress management. Our attendees left with some fantastic tips on how important sleep is in relation to productivity in the workplace. Lizzy's presentation style really captured the audience as she was able to share her experiences and wealth of knowledge with the room. I would highly recommend Lizzy as a speaker/trainer! 
Yasmin - Events Co-ordinator at Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce Aug 19  
Lizzy is a pleasure to work with. Her passion and dedication are contagious and she is a fantastic public speaker and coach. I was lucky enough to attend her Mental Resilience talk at the annual Women Into Leadership event in Cardiff and was thoroughly impressed and inspired. 
Miriam - Deployment specialist Feb 19 
Lizzy is a pleasure to work with. Her passion and dedication are contagious and she is a fantastic public speaker and coach. I was lucky enough to attend her Mental Resilience talk at the annual Women Into Leadership event in Cardiff and was thoroughly impressed and inspired. 
Miriam - Deployment specialist Feb 19 
Lizzy has a strong positive perspective around culture its challenges and the importance of values. Academically well qualified but proven practically she brings a sense of command and confidence. 
Alan Non Executive Director - Oct 17 
I gained so much more from my coaching sessions with Lizzy than I ever thought possible. I found it amazing how working on one area impacted so many other areas of my life for the better. Lizzy is very understanding and non-judgemental and I felt safe in being honest and saying whatever was on my mind. I felt supported and guided and have a much clearer path through to getting things done than I ever would have done alone. 
Lynn - Property developer - Dec 18 
Lizzy is a truly exceptional coach. She has been a very special partner in our journey together, really empathising and understanding my concerns and helping me to look beyond what the issues were and go beneath the surface to areas I couldn’t see and wasn’t aware of. Lizzy’s coaching has helped me breakthrough my blocks, identify my gremlins and find my dreams. If its a passionate coach you are after, one with integrity and passion and bags of life experience then I know Lizzy will be privileged and honoured to work with you. Thank you Lizzy for showing up in my life! 
Louise - Specialist in People Policy and Planning for Change - May 19 
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